Interior architect in Nice

Cochet Païs, an interior architecture firm in Nice

Nice, capital of the French Riviera and 5th largest city in France, has a magnificent real estate heritage.

Between the sea and the mountains, you can find colorful houses, Haussmannian buildings, "Belle Epoque" buildings and, for the past few years, contemporary buildings. Nice is also a cultural and cosmopolitan city located a few kilometers from Italy where life is good.

Its ideal climate and varied landscapes make Nice a city full of inspiration for your architectural projects.


Interior architect in Nice


Cochet Païs, interior architects for your decoration project in Nice

A project of decoration of your house, villa or apartment in Nice ?

The interior decoration will allow you to rethink the interior of your house, villa or apartment. Our interior decorating experts will rethink your interior and arrange it in a way that will make your house, city or apartment in Nice more beautiful and pleasant.

Our interior decorators will advise you and provide solutions for the design of your house, villa or apartment in Nice.They will propose original ideas of interior decoration in the respect of your expectations and by taking into account the constraints.

Cochet Païs, is an architectural firm in Nice always in the air of time, overflowing of imagination and having a control of the various styles of interior decoration.

Be inspired by our projects for the design and decoration of your house, villa or apartment in Nice.

Our team remains at your disposal, contact us for your interior design project.


Interior architect in Nice